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January 18, 2018

Summer uniform

Dickies scrubs.

I decided to embrace the utilitarian look with this workwear-inspired matching two piece set... wait, hang on, these are just my scrubs, i.e. my literal work uniform. As you might've heard, I'm currently working in ED, where you're allowed to wear scrubs (on ward jobs you're expected to wear smart casual proper clothes). I'm actually enjoying wearing them every day, they're pretty comfortable and they have so many pockets. I get a lot of questions about why I wear boots (most people wear sneakers), but it's pretty simple - these boots are worn in to the point that they're actually more comfortable (for activities other than sports and exercise). I'm constantly running late too so no laces to mess around with.

I find that I haven't been browsing for clothes as aggressively as I used to. My wardrobe is technically complete and there's really no reason why I should buy anything else. Although I see that Uniqlo is coming out with the kind of blush pink t-shirt that I've been wanting in their next Uniqlo U collection, so I might make an exception for that.

December 30, 2017

December 24, 2017

Mac and cheese and wine

A shot of our food at mac and cheese and wine night at mine the other day. The stovetop mac and cheese turned out really well, mostly because YY came over and cooked it. We topped it with toasted bread crumbs, which was a genius idea on her part! Afterwards, we watched A Christmas Prince, which really is so-bad-it's-good; I'd recommend it for some light holiday watching with friends.

Hope everyone's having a good holiday season! This is actually the first Christmas I've spent in Sydney in six years, because I no longer have summer off to travel. I'm actually working through Christmas (someone has to) but I don't mind too much - I'm a total grinch anyway!

December 20, 2017

Last of the spring

Some work outfit posts from last month which I only just got around to editing. I only just realised how close to the camera I'm standing - apologies, no one should have to get that good a look at my face.